What’s this all about?

I love writing. I rarely do it for profit*. I do it because I need to.

I’ve always got a pen. Or three. I think best with a pen in hand and I jot down ideas for everything from work to recipes to stories.

It’s how I work things out analytically and how I best process things emotionally.

Ok, so a lot of my writing is done on a computer now, but it’s rare that a longer piece won’t at least start with a few inky scrawls. And I sometimes feel like one of the only people left on the planet who still keeps a pen and paper diary.

But at the moment I write in lots of different places. Stories in the back of notebooks. Musings about sexuality and gender on livejournal. Recipes on my laptop desktop.  Blog posts about feminism and pop culture at www.squeamishbikini.com.

I wanted somewhere to put all of my writing, to have it together. No pressure, no deadlines, just a place to collect all my writing and maybe even prompt me to do a little more. So that’s what this is. You can use the link at the top to see everything, or filter using the categories list on the right.


*If you are an editor who would like to pay me to write for you however, please do get in touch!



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